Establishing trust by delivering on our promises.

Shenzhen TIVOLI Co., Ltd established in 1999 and attained status as one of the China's premier kitchen cabinets manufacturer for overseas builders and developers. Tivoli is located in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China. There are about 500 staffs in 2 factories with area 600,000 square meters and production capacity 40,000 sets kitchen cabinets annually. Equipped with advance production machine, Scientific management system and good after - sales service, we show a better and better development momentum.

Our philosophy has always been to build value without compromising quality, details and integrity of your project. With 16 years’ experience in kitchen cabinet industry, we know all aspects of kitchen in R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service. And our comprehensive quality-guarantee system give serious control on each process from the raw material purchasing to finished product storage. Especially our vast experience and innovative approach in project management system give us an industry advantage. We are able to apply everything we know about the client's core application and industry. We strive to keep our mix of projects diverse which in turn, broadens our knowledge base. This enables us to OEM or ODM for each project - a solution that is exciting, exquisite, appropriate, and most of, unique to that client.

If you're building large-scale and exquisite property, it's important to choose a quality-oriented, management -systematic and team work partner. At TIVOLI, we are professionally experienced systems can transform a fancy design idea into an extraordinary place to live and enjoy. We look forward to providing you with the benefit of our experience.